memory keeping

I'm still trying to troubleshoot my computer issues. I am able to stay fairly calm about the whole thing (although I do not want to lose my computer and it would be annoying to have to replace or repair such a new machine -- we're still looking into the warranty situation) because I am completely backed up.

And the majority of my photos and documents (everything except perhaps a few things that don't matter to me as much) are backed up to two different places -- the cloud and a second hard drive. (The most important are also on paper.)

Losing photos from the last year -- if I lost all of them -- would be devastating. Not end of the world devastating, but it would cause me to melt down, I'm sure.

And the weird thing is, in January I was not backed up to two different places. In fact, there was more than a month and a half of completely unbacked up photos on my hard drive because I just hadn't gotten around to it. And I couldn't remember the last time I backed up to the second hard drive.

And then during January two or three of my friends lost hard drives. Poof. Gone.

And I took that as a sign: back this shit up NOW. And I actually did it, instead of thinking about it. (So if this post signals you to back up your photos or documents or artwork, please do it instead of thinking about it.)

I am so relieved.

I had no idea I was about to have these computer issues. (Two weeks ago, the power cord burnt out. I suspect that the current issue is related but so far our troubleshooting has been for naught.)

Now, this power issue is probably not disturbing the hard drive, so even if I wasn't backed up, it is conceivable that all would be recoverable. But I don't need to pay that extra expense because I did the thing I knew I needed to do and backed shit up.

Please back up everything on your computer. If I inspire only one person who is saved from a complete meltdown when they experience technological malfunction, I will be happy.

We can't save everything. We can't be completely trauma free. But we all know that backing things up is a good precaution. And we all have tales of times we lost important data because of a simple computer malfunction that could easily have been prevented.

I am grateful for the times we live in. That I have a computer to worry about (and a netbook to use when the computer doesn't work) is an amazing thing. I am grateful for all I have.

And I am grateful that I know that these things are not the most important part of my life. Photographs (which are a very important thing to me, completely intrinsic to my artistic life) are not my family. They are not my love. They hold the memory of my love, but they are not love itself (excepting that everything is love itself).

I have myself. I have my husband and my child. I have my family and my friends.

I have love. Always and ever, I have love.

But please do a backup right now. For me.