Yesterday, I wrote a little about housekeeping. This is actually the project that jump started my current rearranging of the house: cleaning my desk.

Let me stop here for a momentary nerdgasm: I finally got the recycling icon off my desktop! Now my screen is totally zen... well, it was. Today, I am trying out a new calendar/ to do list, per Goddess Leonie's Desktop Productivity Center post. Mine is not at all the same, but her idea sparked me.

Because in the midst of all my housekeeping projects (which are ongoing: I still need to go through the bookshelves and the basement... oh, the basement), I had some blogging ideas as well.

Considering that the blog is my virtual home, this doesn't seem surprising.

What I realized is that if I schedule out the ideas that I have, it will make it easier to do them without feeling like I have to choose between projects, which is one of the things that was weighing me down this past year, thinking I had to make a choice between all the things I want to write/ do.

BELIEVE! I can do them all! I just need to take it one at a time! And put the systems in place that will let me be as productive as I want to be.

Anyway, there's three new ebooks in line right now (collected poetry -- which I've been wanting/ meaning to do forever, it seems, but never got around to). I still need to format and edit, but the poems are in one place now, which was the annoying part (copy. paste. page break. copy. paste. page break. ad nauseum. shortcut keys help streamline this process, but it is still very repetitive.)

And then I got sidetracked (again), after collecting all my poetry from this blog when I went over to my (now private) livejournal and started reading all my angst over there. I had planned to just copy and paste the poems I posted there into a document, but the keyword search function isn't so great and I never tagged anything back then, so I just started reading from the top.

The last time I really posted on livejournal was before, during and after my miscarriage.

What I noticed is how much support was given to me, from my livejournal friends.

What I noticed is how much love was in my life, both in the real world and the virtual world.

Needless to say, it was a tear fest. But then right after I'd read the most sad entries a friend called at just the right time and helped lift me out of the remembered grief. She was one of the friends who took care of me -- and Remy -- in real life when I lost the waterbaby and my husband was away at a job interview.

The comments I read on those tearful livejournal entries reminded me, the phone call cemented the truth: even when I think I'm alone, I'm not. I am surrounded by love.

I am always surrounded by love. 

Getting sidetracked is pretty awesome, in the end.