one more day to soak up California...

I already announced this on Facebook, but hadn't here: I misremembered when our departure is. It's not today (Wednesday) it's tomorrow (Thursday).

I wrote it on my paper calendar wrong after checking my confirmation email and misreading the date. It's been on my digital calendar correctly since the tickets were bought. But I rely on my memory a lot, and I misremembered.

So, today essentially feels like an "extra" day.

Not that this entire visit isn't an "extra" visit anyway. Because I'm here with just Remy and he's taking off a few days of school, and it's February (and this visit was paid for by money I earned), it feels entirely extra and special.

We haven't been back to California in two years. I was pregnant last time I was here. (And barfing and nauseated. And then suddenly not. Oh, little one. I'm still missing you.)

So today we will have an extra day of visiting. And tomorrow we will leave to fly back to our beautiful amazing other guy: my husband, Remy's daddy.

But today, I'm soaking up California.

[About the photos: we made it to the beach yesterday! But I forgot to take any photos with my iPod touch because the light was soooo amazing. So when I got back, I took some photos of the LCD screen on my dslr with the iPod. So these are photos of photo (previews). Which amuses me. But I can't wait to see the bigger ones!]