The early morning light. Blue sky. The blossoms that burst forth from this tree in our front yard only yesterday.

And the sense that today is wide open. That every day is wide open, really.

We constrain ourselves because too much openness can be confusing, can be scary, can be wrong. And then we open to it again, when the fear passes. Contracting and expanding, infinitely.

But every moment is open. No constraints but the ones we impose (or which are imposed on us, with our will).

I don't mean fighting what is.

If you're in so much pain that you cannot easily move, your options are more limited. That is just reality.

But your perception is what is most important.

Are you scared? Then your perceptions of the options you do have are probably going to be limited. Fear shuts us down, usually (or, in strange cases it can open us up, depends on the situation). Are you grateful? Gratitude seems to open up the doors of possibility.

Those who have a "make do" attitude will usually get by easier.

Every moment is a choice, a gift. Your beating heart calls to the suns of a thousand worlds: I am alive!

We cycle through our days, expanding and contracting, ebbing and flowing. If we're awake, we're aware of the cycle, of the balance and flow of things. We can work within the system (our system) to help smooth the ride out a little, but the essential nature of ebb and flow really can't be stopped.

And in the spring, the blossoms burst forth.