gratitude for my computer

I'm back on my desktop for the first time in over a month. What a difference! I'm standing up to type (and I'm going to have to get myself used to that again, so today I'm taking frequent breaks). I'm listening to spotify. I can see the photos I am editing in a size that doesn't drive my thirty seven year old eyes bonkers (the netbook that I had been using is tiny). I can get back to the work I started last month, editing my poetry collections into PDF ebooklettes.

It turns out that what we were afraid was a mechanical (hard drive or power source) failure was actually just two or three viruses that shut my computer down.


That was an answer we hadn't been expecting. I'm a tech-savy person, how could my computer get infected by something so devastating? (Especially given the two anti-virus programs I have running?) I don't click links I don't trust. I don't open phishing emails.

But anyone can be a target. Even those of us who think we have the savvy to protect ourselves. We cannot always protect ourselves and our loved ones. The world is dangerous. Life is fatal. We can only choose how we react to the danger that is thrown our way. And even the best choices are not always going to give the expected result.

This curveball ended up being far less costly than expected. Instead of replacing my computer (which is an amazing machine), I only had to pay for someone to fix it. They installed another anti-viral program (and we are thinking of upgrading to an even better program; can't be too careful).

I was lucky: none of my files were affected. Even though I was backed up, I would have had to spend a while restoring files and I'm thankful I don't need to.

 In the scheme of things, a computer is a small thing. Life itself, the people I love, these are the important things. A computer is just a tool. But, since it is a tool I use daily, having it enhances my life.

And so I am grateful. So very grateful.