NaPoWriMo 2012

April is going to be, once again, a month of daily poeming!!!

This will be my third year* participating in (Inter)National Poetry Writing Month, which is also known as NaPoWriMo: writing one poem a day, for the entire month of April.

Some days I will write haiku, if the past is any predictor.

Some days, the poems will suck (keeping it real, folks: not all first or even second drafts work and there are days I don't have the brain-space to start a new poem, or go into a third or fourth drafts. This is life).

Some days the poems will be gifts (particularly awesome poems that just spring out of nowhere, seemingly). One of my poems from last year was even selected for publication, with a title change).

I may need to use prompts occasionally (daily poeming can get difficult). I may even put out a call on Facebook for prompts from my friends (one of my favorite prompt methods). If I use your prompt, I will credit you (by name or with a link) unless you prefer me to use your initial and remain anonymous.

On the weekends, I may not be able to post first thing in the morning and I may need to post from my iPod, which can cause weird formatting issues. I go back and fix those if I can - I'm wabi sabi about this project, just as I am with my life. The thing is to get it done, not to do it perfectly.

Sometimes I may post twice in a day, if I have a non-poetry post to share, but for the most part, the poetry (and the photography that goes with it) is going to dominate the blog for the next month.

This is who I am, this is what I do: I am a poet, I write poetry.

And since I am also a photographer, there will be photos to go with each poem. They may not always match perfectly (in fact they probably won't) but they'll remain part of the whole gestalt that is my blog, for it is my blog: my words, my art. My legacy.

And may the words and the images I share be an inspiration, a blessing and a call to arms. May beauty and truth speak through me, entwined in their dangerous dance. May love prevail, now and always!

* At some point during the month, I am planning to release my previous two collections of NaPoWriMo poems as ebooklettes. They are already in PDF format, but still need the photographs added: the mishegas with my computer meant I fell a little behind on schedule with the project.

I will be releasing these collections on a pay-what-you-can basis (which I think will be what I move most of my work towards, with some of the ebooklettes remaining completely free).