resting in gratitude

I caught a cold this weekend. It mostly just annoyed me yesterday, with a mild sore throat and was so mild I probably did too much, despite my efforts not to do too much. 

We were going to take the day to go to the zoo again, it's been awhile, since we don't really go when it's cold. But instead, we all decided to have a stay at home day, with one grocery shopping excursion because, well, we needed groceries.

But I think the thing that really did me in and made today so much worse than yesterday is that my sleep was so poor all through the night. My nose was stuffed. My throat hurt. I woke up two or three times needing to take more cold meds. 

I feel so hazy this morning. 

I used my sinus wash (really helped) and I made myself a pot of tea (helps, but I think I want something cold on my throat. 

I am a wallow-in-it kind of sick person. I brought up my journal and some glue and scissors and I'm gonna make some collages in my pages, with the two magazines I got for my plane ride (Yoga Journal and Whole Living.... Yoga International is somewhere in the house, too. And I bought an O magazine, but left it in California on purpose.)

The plan is to stay in bed as much as possible today and nap and collage and maybe watch some movies. Drink this pot of tea and have leftover pho. (I have a book I'm in the beginning pages of, but I may or may not have enough energy to read, we'll see.) 

 And while I'm not pleased to be hurting, I am grateful to be here, in this moment. 

To be able to rest, before Remy gets home and I have to be on my feet and active. 

To be able to give myself tea and a warm blanket and leftover pho. 

To have netflix and hulu and dvds out the wazoo, for my entertainment. 

But most of all, I am grateful for me. For the fact that I am here and that I am learning, over time, how best to be here with myself when I am not feeling great. For the blanket and the tea and the lovingkindness. For learning how to take care of my self. 

Yes, I may be annoyed at the pain (oh, I'm alive!), but I am grateful for the lesson.