sick day

Today's an unexpected sick day for my Remy. He has strep throat again, but the major symptom, once again, is a very bad rash.

(Our family doctor also swabbed me, since I have been sick for so long - lingering symptoms, yay! - and we hadn't thought to do a strep test last week, but my test came back negative.)

So far, it looks like a pajama day anyway (meaning Remy doesn't even want to leave his room, not really), but that can change in the blink of an eye, and probably will. Maybe we'll go play outside. The weather is truly glorious.

I'll use our hanging out time to work as much as I can (I have a copy writing gig to finish today) and then I'm hoping to start (and very quickly finish) The Hunger Games, since the early reviews of the movie looked awesome enough to convince us to go and I like to read the book first.

Tomorrow, Remy shouldn't be contagious anymore (and hopefully his rash won't be as irritating) and I'll have my day to myself. Or not really, since we're going to go see a matinee of the aforementioned Hunger Games and probably have breakfast or lunch together, my love and I. (It's his spring break.)

Still, my cup is full. I am happy. I don't feel 100% healthy but that's ok. I'm nowhere near as bad off as I felt last week. I'm wearing short sleeves and capris and it is spring.

Glorious, glorious spring!