wabi sabi blogging

Wabi sabi is one of my core life-values.

I write about it more at length in my ebooklettes that are available (free) for download here, but wabi sabi (or the way I have come to understand and define wabi sabi) infuses me and this blog, just as a matter of course, as it infuses my life. 

I write this blog in the moment. This wabi sabi moment. Changing and impermanent, imperfect and beautiful.

Sometimes I have a few drafts that are posts I am thinking about but haven't quite been able to articulate very well yet. Usually those drafts end up deleted (and either incorporated into a new post or let go of completely). Sometimes I return to a draft and am sparked by it and finish it and press publish.

I generally wake up and start writing around 9am and hit publish sometime between 10 and 11. I'm not writing the entire time, I listen to music and drink coffee and check facebook. Sometimes I go deeper (blocking out all distractions), sometimes I don't. It depends on the day and the piece.

I have very very very occasionally written a post and scheduled it to be posted later. My 500th post is an example of that. (I wrote it the night before, so I could publish it the next day at a very specific time, which is earlier than I usually wake up.)

Mostly, I am here, writing, in the present moment, pressing publish after I finish writing and editing in this moment. There are, I imagine, spelling and grammatical errors that slip past me. I go back and fix the ones I catch later. I have enough editing experience that I hope those errors are few and far between, but I am human. Sometimes my brain is fuzzy.

This is my life, fuzzy brain and all: wabi sabi.

I do this because this is what I want to write: my life, this moment. Not quite a diary, not quite a magazine.

This is creative non-fiction, my blogging, mixed with some poetry (more poetry in April than in any other month, of course, but always at least a little taste of poetry).

I don't blog for money. I don't accept advertising or product placement. I probably will never have any guest posts, unless there is an extremely compelling reason. (I have many amazing blogging friends, but this blog is in my name for a reason; it is my blog, my writing, my photography.)

I experiment. I've done tutorials. (I love doing them, actually, and will be doing more.) 

I've written inspirational messages. I've done link love Tuesdays (there didn't seem to be much interest in those) and I occasionally fall back on Wordless Wednesday, when I need a writing break. 

I blog Monday through Friday. 

I was blogging on the weekends when I first started blogging regularly again, then I dropped Saturdays (because I am Jewish and Saturday is Shabbat, a day of rest) and then I stopped writing on Sundays, too, because it seemed like fewer people visited on Sundays. I'm sure that schedule may change again someday (April is still going to be a poem a day month), but it is working for me right now.

The photos I use each day are usually, but not always, recent. The photos often prompt the writing. (The quote-photo posts I was doing last spring and summer were definitely used as prompts, I'm still doing them occasionally, but I am finding it harder to find short quotes I want to write about.) Sometimes the writing comes first and then I try to find a photo to match, in my archives. Very occasionally I am able to go outside and shoot a photo to match. 

This is just my blog. I'm not writing it to try to get famous. I don't have a million tips on blogging to sell you. I do what works for me and hope that you do what works for you. I love reading other people's blogs, too. I don't regularly read many of the famous ones, though there are a few I do.

I am happy to report that my readership is increasing (I got more hits in February than ever before, passing the 4000 mark). This isn't a big blog, by any means, but my mom isn't my only reader.

I'm very happy to share my life, my philosophy and my art with the world. That is why I blog, after all. This isn't a diary or a closed FB page. This is a public blog. I work hard writing things that are worth reading. I write in the moment, but in this moment I am only writing (except when I am not). There's a deeper truth I'm trying to access, to share.

I put a lot of time and effort into these words. (Some days more than others. I'm human.)

This isn't a mommy blog or a relationship blog or an autism blog or an art blog or a minimalist/zen/Jewish blog or a photography blog or a bellydance/ yoga/ hooping blog, though it may contain elements of each, since my life contains elements of all of those things and more. 

This is my legacy:
I want my love, the love I have for this imperfect and amazing world, to be left behind me. So that the people I love could say, "This is her love, this is how much she loved us, this is her gift to me."
 This is my love, expressed through words and images.

This is (part of) me.