NaPoWriMo 2012: thirteen


Last night
the brightness
of the sky
at dusk
led me out
to our yard
where I lay
on the grass
aching aloud
at the beauty
my camera
was unable
to properly

I'll have
a new
I will
try again.
My eyes
the same
and the
but it is,

 OK, it isn't quite true: I was able to salvage a few of the photos I took last night, like the one above which I truly love. But the noise at the ISO I needed to take photos in that low light means they all need (in my opinion) to be converted to black and white, rendering the amazing pink clouds and blue sky invisible.

But it was worth it to lay there a moment, marveling at the beauty of the world.

And I did indeed get a new camera today (an a580, so I now also have video capability)! The ISO range is much higher (and the noise is greatly reduced) in this newer generation DSLR. I've already played around with it a bit this morning (the battery is the same in both cameras, so while the new battery is charging, I am using the old camera's battery). I'm excited to do more comparison shots!

And movie making! I'm looking forward to starting to make little short movies and perhaps even vlogging (video-blogging) more.

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!