NaPoWriMo 2012: twelve


To the Kids Who Bullied My Son at the Playground

I lay this aegis on you
that your meanness recede
that you realize the error
of your ways. And in the
presumably far off day
when this happens,
I hope that you won't turn
your meanness on yourself
and instead find a way
to teach your children
not to bully, and to join together
instead and be one of the kids
who sees his smile
for what it is: pure happiness
and not as a sign he is a "freak."

And until that day my children,
we will not play with you.

No one will play with you.

That is my aegis, the doom I lay on you
because your attitudes and prejudices
displease me. And yet I believe
the tide is turning and the bigotry
you've been taught is no longer
on the rise, no longer necessary
for the survival of the species.
And I want to help you. 
May you catch yourself
before you descend into true hate
and catch the eyes of the law.
May you make amends
and be at peace with yourself
and with the world.
We need everyone together
if we are to save ourselves.

Thus I have spoken.
May the words of my mouth
be heard, from here to eternity
and this revolting behavior
be excised for all time.