NaPoWriMo 2012: twenty one

Dear Friend With Whom I Have Parted Ways:

Is it cowardly of me
to not let you know
I've moved on? Is it
passive aggressive,
mirroring perceived

Is it aggressively
aggressive, hoping
you'll feel pained
the way I feel ignored?

Or is it simply a mutual
parting of ways,
only it took me longer
to figure out we've
both been walking
away for months now?

I can't decide.
I know I don't want
to go through the drama
of a actual ending. I've
had that dumped on me,
it was unpleasant.

I hope you're well.
I hope we both find
better friends. I'm
glad our paths crossed
ways, even if it was
a shorter walk
than I'd intended.

I hope you don't realize
this poem was about you
because if you're reading
these words, it isn't.
Unless you are walking away.
If so, I wish you peace.