NaPoWriMo 2012: two

Another Love Song

Driving home,
"no regrets, just love*"
listening to the radio,
singing along
to the songs people
write when love
is just a dream.

And here is our dream,
             Love complete.
             Love enduring.
             Love that sings
a song only we can hear.


* Yes, that's a quote from Katy Perry's hit, "Teenage Dream." It's an ok song, but it happened to follow one of my favorite songs ever (The Cure's "Lovesong") on the radio, so I was feeling a bit cynical about it as a love song, despite our enthusiastic sing-a-long. Apologies to Ms Perry.

The photo is, of course, a silhouette of my husband standing in front of an impressively lit photo-wall at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum. We have just returned from a trip to Washington DC. I'll write more about it at length later, I hope.