blur and macro, oh my!

 Monday night, I got a new macro lens in the mail.

Nope, not (another) fancy-schmancy, heavy one for my dslr.

I got a little, silly, cheap "toy" lens for my iPod touch. And I love it!

Photojojo (who are the only one to carry it, as far as I know) calls it the "easy macro cell lens band. (That is not an affiliate link, but I'm now a huge fan of this company!) 

Seriously, it looks like I have a rubber band on my iPod. I haven't taken it off (except to adjust and wipe it down) since it arrived.

It also produces a semi-pleasing blur when shooting things in the distance. It isn't the beautiful bokeh of my 50mm lens, but it works for me. (I'm still taking a photo-a-day via instagram and this is wonderful for that purpose.) 

I can also get closer than I can get with my "real" macro lens. Which is completely offset by the fact that I can crop the dslr photos, whereas my 3rd generation iPod does not really allow for much cropping at all.

Oh my! Best $15 plus shipping I have spent this week!