macroing macro

It may be gray and rainy and there may be a (huge) part of me that longs for the sun to return, but drops of rain + my macro lens + the irises that just bloomed in our yard = magic.

I'm not sure why those drops up there took on such a planetary look, but they did and wow! Time for a crazy close crop:

Oh, now I see the trees and houses above the front yard! And I can even see my own silhouette.

What beauty lies in the world of the rain drop. And that's just the beauty we can see. If we had a microscope, it would be even more intense.

As it is, in the original macro of this shot above, I can barely register the little red spec. (My naked eyes had no way of seeing that.) Then look what happens when we do a crazy close crop:

Hi little red thing! (I'm guessing it was one of the little red spider mites that are so prevalent in our yard, but I can't tell.)

Two weeks ago, Remy had me find him a copy of Horton Hears a Who in our library system and he read it (and had us read it) many times.

I think it may be one of my favorite Dr Seuss books. Of course, that's a hard category to fill, but seriously, "A person's a person no matter how small."

Amen, Dr Seuss. Amen.