oh, my overflowing love

Yesterday, we went to the beach and it was great. An ease-filled, gorgeous day. We all wore our swimsuits, but the water was still too cold for me. My two guys are much more cold-hardy than I am, though, and so they went waist deep in the water!

We're starting to format a plan to beat the traffic to the shore (the plague of going to the beach that kept us away most of last summer): go later in the day.

It was a wonderful Mother's Day. I brought my old DSLR and realized after we'd gotten there that my new camera's remote shutter won't work with it, but I still managed to get some family shots of us anyway using the 10 second timer.

They're not perfect, by any means, but they're a record of us as a family and that was my goal. Some of them just required more creative editing.

And some are wonderful, (cropped) straight outta camera. Oh, my loves.

We got home and the best present of the day was that Remy spontaneously decided he didn't need me to sit with him while he was falling asleep. He gave me a kiss and a hug and said, "bye" and I went downstairs and figured out what to order for our take-out dinner (shrimp fajita, yum). He's really growing up, my boy. What a gift he is.

I couldn't find a great Mother's Day themed movie on netflix, so I picked the last movie I saw before I gave birth: Mission Impossible III, which we own on DVD. It reminds me of those last days of pregnancy, how I was all belly and had the liveliest boy kicking, kicking, kicking away. Such an amazing time.

And today, my gorgeous Mother's Day boy turns six.


Oh, my overflowing love.