photowalking as practice

Yesterday, I went photo-walking with a friend. She just got her first DSLR a month or so ago and I wanted to take her out and show her a few things in the field, so to speak.

We talked about aperature, mostly, though at the end I showed her an awesome trick one can do with slow shutter speeds, like this:

Cool, eh?

Really, learning photography is about figuring out what you want to do and how to do it. Do you want that choppy water or do you want it to look smooth and otherworldly?  There are always things to learn, but once you're comfortable with the basics, that's when your voice - the things you want to say - can truly come out and play.

I tend to shoot wide open (with a larger aperture) because I love that creamy bokeh (blur) in the background. For portraits, I think that's even more important.

I don't tend to make a lot of landscape photos. But I know how. (And I know I'd need to use my tripod more if I wanted to get those shots just right. LOL) It's important to keep practicing, to keep making all sorts of photos, even if the only ones you keep or show are one style.

I also shot some film yesterday - black and white - and I'm looking forward to finishing the roll and getting it back. Shooting film really makes me see and be decisive since every shot matters. But that means, it also takes me longer to shoot an entire roll. So, I converted this photo to give myself a preview of what my film might look like. I'm still trying to see better in black and white.

Practicing. Always. And having fun doing it!