Remy's been home most of this week with an ear infection. You'd expect an almost-six-year-old (Monday! He turns six on Monday! How is that possible?) to want to watch a lot of movies, maybe play video games, when he's feeling under the weather, but no. The "find" of the week is printable coloring pages/ worksheets.

So, in a nutshell, we're sick-schooling.

He has watched a few videos (Cars, Toy Story). He's had my iPod touch a few times to watch Skippyjon Jones being read/ acted out.  Going outside for more than checking on the plants in the back (the basil finally sprouted! Hooray!) or to get the mail is too much energy for him right now. So  he just wants to do "school work" until he gets too tired, and then read and snuggle on the couch.

This is really enlightening, on a number of levels.

Since it isn't actually going back to his teachers, I feel less perfectionist about his work (meaning, I'm not holding myself back from snapping when he makes mistakes). And both of us are calmer and having more fun. I think a large part of that is that by 4 or 5pm we're both rather done, so we stick to more fluffy coloring at that point (or last night, he painted). But that's when homework would normally have to be done. Bad timing, that!

We're interspersing math and reading/ writing with fun characters. He's letting me pick some, I'm letting him pick some. We're collaborating. It's a fun rhythm.

Yes, fun. Except for the part where he's feeling sick and tired. That part isn't fun at all.

(He woke up feeling really tired and yucky this morning, after sleeping in. So, we came downstairs for about an hour of "work" - including doing alphabetizing! - and then just now he asked for a movie, and for me to snuggle with him while we watch. I'm thinking maybe these ear drops aren't working so great, so I'll be calling our family doctor later today. I really want him to get over this ear infection faster than I got over mine in March!)