Spring Caravan 2012

Since we moved to Jersey almost two years ago, I've been able to attend big belly dance festivals again, and it is awesome!

I attended (and performed!) at Spring Caravan 2012 this past Saturday. No, there are no photos of me in this review. I don't have any (yet).

Spring Caravan is put on by the organizers of Rakkasah (which started in California and now has both West and East coast locations). It is a slightly smaller festival, but still amazing.

I mean, come on: Harry Potter belly dance? That was awesome, and I'm not even into that fandom!

I've been going to Rakkasah (West) for almost twenty years now (I believe I first attended in 1993) and so I always think of Rakkasah West as being the festival by which all other festivals are judged (aside from the Tribal-focused festivals, which have my heart). Spring Caravan holds up just fine. The event producers know what they are doing.

This year's Spring Caravan was amazing! There was even a proposal, which was very sweet. Unfortunately, my camera battery died before that happened, so I didn't get any footage.

Sadly, there was also a serious injury on stage, which I missed because I was eating dinner. I hope the dancer will be back on her feet soon (word is, her knee was unable to bear any weight, as of Saturday night - knee injuries are the bane of dancers everywhere, so we are all pulling for her recovery).

The show must go on, though. And go on it did. All the dancers brought their A game. It was a wonderful thing to see so many delightful dancers! (Spring Caravan is billed as a "fusion festival" and since I am most attracted to Tribal Belly Dance, that's what all these photos are of. Also, many of my photos came out with bad focus. I am still working on my show photography skills. Practicing. Hopefully next time I will make better photos.) 

Of course, the after party was the most wonderful part. I had a blast dancing to the live music! But since my battery was d e a d at that point, you'll just have to take my word for it.

An entire floor of belly dancers doing the electric slide, though? Not something you want to miss!

Next time, I'll definitely remember to bring my extra battery!