this is the road to recovery

I didn't take a single photo with my dslr this weekend, while I was sick. I played around on my iPod touch instead and took many photos via instagram (and other apps. I may or may not have downloaded a few new free photo apps this weekend). In a nutshell, this weekend was:

oh hai, sore throat
a little writing in my new workbook
going out to brunch
lounging with my sweetie
finishing The Hobbit
more lounging
watching No Reservations on the wall
noticing how messy the kitchen got
aguas fresca (this one was mango, pineapple, spinach water)

Yesterday, I was feeling so much better by the end of the day that I cleaned the kitchen. Like, scrub the drip catchers of the gas stove clean, cleaning. That's when I can tell I'm really on the mend, when I start deep cleaning.

And today I'm still not fully myself, but close, very close. I almost feel well enough to go photowalking. Almost.

Which means it will probably be another day lounging and resting, getting better. Reading and writing and thinking. Making sure I really kick this cold (and it doesn't turn into a repeat of the lingering infection that took over March). Drinking a lot of iced tea and aguas fresca and water.

At least the a/c units are going in today. M took them out of storage in the attic this morning. It's a two person job, putting them in. So when he gets home, we'll figure out which two rooms are getting a/c this year. One will definitely be Remy's room, since it is the hottest room in the entire house. The second unit is either going in the living room or the dining room/ my office/ the art room. we may just end up buying a third unit, since having a/c in both those rooms seems really important.

It's noon and the temperature downstairs right now is 84 Fahrenheit. And that's after a night letting the entire house air out. For Jersey, this is an early heat wave! Of course, by Thursday, temperatures are supposed to be back to "normal." Still, one can only swelter for so long before deciding to cool down by any means necessary.

With gratitude.