and then be together

start where you are. and radiate with love. and kindness.

and then find the people you love. find the people you connect with. and be continue to be present, together, with them.

and don't be shitty to other people. or to yourself.

and when you are, because we are all shitty at times, apologize. keep practicing kindness (towards yourself and others) so that your shitty days are reduced in impact.

do the things you love to do and let other people do the things they want to do, too.

(i love to read and write and take photographs. my beloved loves reading and sports. i like sports enough to care that he cares about it. i'll watch a good game. i'm happy he's happy.

and he's happy when i'm happy: at a bellydance festival or out in a field taking photos of grass.

and together we're happier.)

there's always gonna be shit in the middle of it all. shit makes good compost, though. you just have to figure out how to take that shit and turn into compost instead of letting it fester into a sewer of crap.

 this is life. this is living.

as far as we know, we don't have an alternative.

so, make the best of it, right now. today.

open your eyes and live the right life for you, today.

do one thing that makes your world better. do one thing that makes someone you love happy.

one thing. everything ripples out from there.