catching up: me at work

Yesterday, I was playing around with video and photos of me at work (and dancing around) and made this interesting multiple exposure (self portrait). My office is in the heart of our house - the dining room - and has a lot of art/ kid stuff around it. It's a little overwhelmed with stuff at the moment, actually. I've mentioned before how I listen to music as I work. I am not one of those people who needs to be alone/ in my own space to work. I like having things going on around me. Although I am about ready for a good decluttering/ rearranging.

BTW, if you are someone who needs silence while you work, more power to you! We should probably not share an office, though.

The videos are for an awesome class I'm taking with Vivienne McMaster called Montage (there are still places available in the August session). We're working on video editing and storytelling our lives. I cannot wait to see what comes out of this class!

Well, I can actually wait... Process is important!

These photo/ videos of me at work reminded me:

Check out the article I wrote for Wild Sister! June's theme was "Be Your Own Hero" and I wrote a column on how to "Be a Wabi Sabi (Super) Hero!" Referencing everything from my long lost love of Smallville to the process of kintsugi, I think it's a pretty wild ride. And at just about $5 - since the AU dollar is just about on par with the US - it's worth exchanging that fancy cup of coffee you were gonna treat yourself to and getting a regular cuppa. I know you can't do without your caffeine! So drink it while you read this issue - you can print it out, even, if you prefer!

I'll be writing a column for the magazine every month; I'm so excited to be able to share my writing and art with more amazing people!

(I also have a guest spot coming up at Kind Over Matter in early July, can you say ZOMG YAY!!!)

* The link to Wild Sister is an affiliate link, which means if you click on it, I get a commission on what you purchase. This is essentially how I am paid for my contribution. You're not under an obligation to buy, obviously, but Wild Sister is an amazing magazine, I am very proud of being featured in its pages.

* I do not have an affiliate link for Vivienne's classes, and I am only two days into my first class with her, but as she is really amazing, I don't hesitate to recommend you to any of her offerings!

* My soundtrack for today is heavy on old school Bjork. Oh, my. How I loved her Debut album. I <3 Spotify. Oh, and Kate Bush. Oh my goodness. Oh my. serious. goodness. I'm in 90s emo grrl heaven.