happy birthday my love

Oh, my love. It is your birthday and you are amazing. You don't really read my blog much, but that's ok, it is here.

I know you don't really like to have your photo taken, but I do my best to take some of you anyway, because I want a record of you, for me and for Remy (and so on and so on). I walk that line between respecting you by offering privacy and respectfully catching your bright smile. You make it easy to tell when the line is crossed, by giving me your "enough" face. Before then, the smile. Oh, that beaming smile.

I really don't post much about you here, out of respect. But there are days when I declare my love, poetically, and days when there are photos that just need to be shared. I walk that line.

So I won't tell everyone how amazing you are (oh, you are). And I won't reiterate my passion for you (oh, our passion).

But I will say happy birthday here while I let you sleep in this morning. And I will have an adventure day with you when you wake.

And I will thank your mom and your dad and all your ancestors, for the amazing chain of events that led to you.

(That same amazing chain of events that leads to us all... a different story each time, yes, but an amazing one, every time.)

Happy birth day my love. May your next year be every bit as amazing as you are!