justice and equality for all

Saturday, we walked in the Garden State Equality Walk. We, as a family, are allies. I, as a bisexual woman, am queer.

My marriage has been a monumental source of love and strength in my life. My partner is amazing. And if he had been a woman, our love would be as strong. Everyone should have to full protection of legal marriage, if they choose it.

Remy had a hard time near the stage, after the music and the speeches started, so we ended up in a back corner behind the stage for most of the rally. Luckily, I had my zoom lens.  I could hear the speakers.

"We shall override!" was this year's theme, because of Govenor Christie's veto of our marriage equality bill. Christie says he wants the voters to vote on marriage equality.

But no one should be able to vote on human rights. The sad fact that marriage equality has not always been the law of the land, does not mean it should be put to a popular vote.

Instead, we need to vote for politicians who will stand up for all of our human rights.

The right to life life, liberty and the pursuit of justice. 

 Let there be life, liberty and justice for all.