photowalking brings me home

Yesterday, I took myself for a much needed photowalk around my neighborhood.

We live in a slightly older slice of suburbia; all the revival cape cod style cottages were built in the 40s and the trees have grown in (or were never cut back at all). Cottage gardens are a favorite of mine and there are many fine examples, within just a few blocks.

Our own garden is a work in progress. The previous owners wanted easy, which I also think is important, but I'm looking to add more color and variation, too. We planted bulbs last fall, but they bloomed early and now our yard is mostly green.

Oh, even when my yard has reached it's fullest colorful cottage potential, I will walk around and admire the different yards.

They're so full of life.

Each one is an individual work of beauty. Hydrangeas abound, blooming differently in each yard (their color is dependent on the levels of minerals and ph in the soil).

And every once in awhile, there is a surprise, just waiting to be found, like these blooming cacti, which were buzzing with bees and butterflies.

So much pollen. So much life!

And yet, of all the yards, it is our own yard that fills me with the most joy.

This is where my kid has free reign to let his imagination run wild.

This is where my heart lives. It doesn't have anything to do with the yard or the house or any of the things we happen to own. It is our love that lives here. My love. My beloved husband. Our beloved child. This is our home right now, at this moment (and for the foreseeable future), and so it is the place where our love resides.

And that is what matters most in the world to me.