start with love

this is what I need to tell you today:

no one else who has ever lived shares exactly what you have lived through.
no one else alive shares your experiences in the world.
no one else who will ever live, throughout time and space, can walk the same path, occupy the same space and time as you do, right now.

and this matters.

more than you will ever understand.

look at the world from outside yourself, from outside the container of your life. see the ripples you create around you. the person you smiled at yesterday whose day turned around. the barista who complimented your scarf, who made you smile, who gave you the space to wave the woman ahead of you in the parking lot, who was rushing home to tend to her sick child.

all of us matter. we are unique and important and create change in this world.

and we can only do this by being ourselves, by being true to our inner core, to our inner selves.

and to love. oh, my love: can't you see that if you know love is everywhere you will be a vessel for more love? and all there is, in the end, is love, swirling through us, connecting our uniqueness to the grand vastness of everything that ever was and is and shall be.

we can't see it. it's beyond us, but if we could zoom out, pull back, wow. there it is.

i don't believe in a master plan. i don't believe in a conscious deity controlling all (or any) of this. but my belief or disbelief doesn't really matter and i don't really care if you do or don't believe.

i absolutely know that beyond me, beyond my understanding, there is the vastness of time and space that i can't grasp.

and i absolutely know that no one else who ever lived or breathed or will ever live or breath will be standing right here, right now, at 9:38 am on June 12th, 2012, in this messy spot in my house, typing this as i listen to ABBA.

change one thing and everything changes. ripples move out from the center (my center being me, since my consciousness is here in this particular place). your center, your ripples, flow from you.

so start where you are. love your life. step into where you are. be with the vastness of it, with the centeredness of it. dance the dance only you can dance. shake off what isn't working. let the ripples that come from you mean something, work towards making them matter. maybe they're small ripples (a smile, a kind genture). maybe they're huge. ripples in time and space have consequences you won't ever see, won't ever understand. start with kindness.

start with love.