summertime fun 2012

Last summer, we moved. Which was three hundred shades of awfulness, really, and two hundred shades of awesome. The awesome eventually overpowered the awful (awesome has such strong colors), but it was a close call at the end. Moving is really stressful.

(I'm not sure if the stress of buying a short sale is worth it. I'll get back to you on that later.)

This summer is already slightly jam packed with fun and exciting things!

We have a new nephew waiting to be born and a road trip to take to meet him (so much love to my BIL and his wife, who are starting on this parenthood road). I'm excited to go back to Chicago but I am not going to be fooled into taking only summer clothes this year! Bringing a jacket! (Haha, watch, it'll be a sweltering mess of hot. I will be prepared, either way.)

My high school 20th reunion is happening (wait, WHAT? Wasn't that yesterday we graduated?) and lo and behold, I am actually going! Without my family!

Hey everybody, guess what? I was a hippie emo geek-nerd in high school and I'm still a hippie emo geek-nerd! Hooray! I revel in my hippie emo geek-nerdness. And add in a soupcon of punk and goth because damnit, I have to own all the parts of me, even if you can't see them through the dreadlocks and bright colors.

(I may or may not be wearing a bright blue, hibiscus patterned, authentic Hawaiian mumu today. That I got at a thrift store. Hells yeah!)

Remy is going to day camp for the first time (if I can ever remember to send in the registration, oops). He'll do two sessions instead of three so we can go meet his new cousin. Or he won't, because I keep forgetting to send in the registration. Shrug. He'll have fun, either way. I'm not over-thinking it. (He's not going to one of the big camps where it actually matters that you register by a certain date. He's going to a small Montessori school we found that I wish also had elementary school instead of just preschool during the school year. Oh well. They have summer camp for older kids. I think he'll love it.)

We're gonna go to the beach a lot. Lake beach, ocean beach, a river beach if I can find one, whatever. Sand in our hair and water on our toes, yes!

We have plans with friends. We'll have visitors. Friends and family. Lovely.

I have photo sessions booked and deposits made. I spent yesterday afternoon in a euphoric glow because sometimes all one needs to do is a little bit of paperwork and people actually pay you! (What a crazy concept!) Invoices and contracts aren't my strong suit, but I'm learning and I'll get better (read: more efficient) as I go.Woohoo!

I'm really excited to make photos (and video) for other people.  It feels right. And amazing.

I've managed (I think) to keep some open space in our summer. Days where we can get chill. Legos and books and art and music and being silly. Weekends off. (Where we can say, "Let's go to the beach!" and just go. Or not go, if we're not in the mood or the weather is crummy.)

We pick up our first CSA share this week! Every other week for the whole summer we get a box of fresh produce from a local farm. YAY!!

M and I will keep our weekly date day (with some modifications and rearrangement b/c of traveling and possible babysitter schedule issues). We have a date this Friday already planned: opening day of Prometheus!

(And tomorrow is my beloved's birthday!)

 And the constant of my summer, of my week days? Writing and taking photos and blogging these wabi sabi moments. Yes, indeed. This is what I do, this is what I love.

I. Love. My. Life.

Breathe in love. Breathe out gratitude.