this week

This is a week of half days (the last week of kindergarten!) and getting ready (we're going on the first of our summer trips very soon). It's also a week of making time to hang out with a friend who needs a kind ear. And a week of taking time with my husband (because Father's day weekend meant our babysitter was hanging out with her dad). We finished season one of House last week, so this week we're watching the last season of ER.

We were hoping to go see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel yesterday, but instead spent a few hours figuring out how to make the new satellite radio work best for our car, which doesn't have an aux connection.

It's a week of an intense change in the weather; it's been pleasant - in the high 70s - for the last month or so, and tomorrow the thermometer is supposed to shoot up to the mid 90s. I'd prefer it to be the mid 80s, but you know what Jagger sings.

Today I have some loose writing ends to tie up (finishing up my submissions for Wild Sister and Kind Over Matter). I really need to take myself for a photo-walk before this 90+ degree weather hits and if I don't make myself do it, I will be frustrated, so I am just putting it out there like it is gonna happen.

But I'll start with kindness and today that means having lunch. And a glass of water. And some tunes to dance to while I wait for my enchiladas to heat up.

Start with kindness.