Last night, we were standing in the kitchen, all three of us, "ravaging" the small cakes M bought for his birthday. (Those were his words, not mine, hence the quotes. But we really were ravaging those poor, small, tasty cakelettes!)

We were mostly done, aside from my maybe licking the paper at the bottom of the strawberry shortcake (holy yum!).

And suddenly, Remy says, "We need to take pictures. Get the gramra, mommy!"

Oh, he is his mother's child. Such sweetness.

And we were all in a really happy, silly mood.

And I bought a remote when I bought my new dslr. It's easy now to take pictures of all three of us. I haven't gotten into the habit of remembering it often enough, but every time, it gets easier to remember.

I set us up: camera on this kitchen stool, facing the other end of the kitchen. 50mm lens. My two guys sat down (and I took a few test shots of absolute silliness) and then went to sit with them.

Just a handful or two of shots.  Just playing around, having fun.

So much love.

Grab your family or a friend or your dog today, after some silly moment. Don't think, just set the camera up (and if you don't have a remote, figure out how to use the timer - even the simplest point and shoot has a ten second delay timer). Hold the iPhone at arms length. Something.

Capture these moments. This is your life! Capture the moments when you're having fun.

There's so much love there.