all around us

there is beauty all around you, right now.

beauty in the piles of laundry, beauty in the dishes from this morning's breakfast. 

beauty in the weeds in the cracks of the sidewalk, beauty in the peeling paint of your neighbor's porch. 

beauty here. in your eyes. in the person or animal siting beside you.

there is happiness, too. if you can only see it, search it out, devour it.

this life is amazing, every moment, every day.

pain happens. life is not perfect. the killing of millions of people in Rwanda, Auschwitz, Armenia... unfortunately, that list goes on and it's proof positive life is painful and deadly.

but there is beauty underneath, in spite of (and in some cases because of) the pain.

pain (or chemical imbalance) overwhelms us sometimes and depression or anxiety eeks away the joy from our lives. there are many ways to get help. there are people who love you, books to read, hot lines to call, treatments you can seek.

life is beautiful. happiness is available every moment. pain, happiness. love. sorrow. joy. all here in front of you, a feast. -