Last night we returned home from an almost week long trip to meet the newest member of our family.

It was a wonderful trip, filled with newborn goodness, grandmas and even a surprise trip to the Legoland Discovery Center, but it still good to be home.

This morning, Remy started summer camp. My love went back to work after going to the gym.

And here I am, standing at my desk, writing. Listening to music. Downloading almost 700 photos and video clips onto my hard drive. o0


My guest post on kind over matter went live this morning: being kind even when it is the hardest thing.

It is a reminder that kindness is always possible. Even when it is hard. It's a reminder I need sometimes and the words flowed out of me on a day when I had not gotten enough sleep and was feeling those hormonal pms surges of anger.

Kindness is always possible. And even when you snap, you can come back to kindness. For yourself, most of all, and for the world. And even for the people who didn't think before they said something that hurt your feelings when you were pmsing and just needed chocolate and hugs.

I am so honored to be featured on Amanda's kind kindred series. Her blog is a beacon of beautiful kindness.


And so, if you are new here, welcome!

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