many people, one world

Tonight, we let Remy stay up almost an hour after his normal bedtime, to watch the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.

At first, he wasn't much interested (we turned the feed on towards the end of the dance number, missing the opening Bond parody). But then, as the athletes started marching into the stadium, waving their flags and smiling so very proudly, he came to watch.

Astonishingly, he watched the majority of the parade (with a little break between D and J - that's a lot of countries!).

We cheered for each country. We cheered for the athletes. We cheered for the monumental inclusion of female athletes in this year's games.

We cheered.

And by cheering, I mean we were dancing in our seats, waving our hands, and calling out country names. And calling out which continent/ part of the world the countries were in. A few we didn't know and I quickly looked them up on wikipedia. Learning new countries, so awesome!

We knew the US would be among the last countries. And Great Britain would have the honor of closing the parade, the home country crowd going wild. And so it did. And so we did.

We managed to keep Remy's interest through the (boring for a six year old) speeches. We talked about putting him to bed. It was late. Pajamas and vitamins had already been procured.

I'm so glad we stuck through to the lighting of the torch. I had a feeling we needed to see it.

Did you see it?

(They're streaming online 24 hours after, you can try here for a clip, after Saturday.)

The flame was lit from seven torches. Seven young athletes, the future hope of sport, lit what I think were the mysterious calla lilly looking flower heads that each country carried out with them in the parade, alongside their flag. And from those seven, a multitude of lights were kindled, each separate and beautiful.

So beautiful.

And then. Oh then. The separate torches came together to turn into one flame.

One flame. One world. One people.

Made up of us all. Made up of individuals. Coming together in unity. Coming together in peace.

Oh, may it be so.

Please, may it be so.

I was so happy Remy stayed up and watched this, the first Olympic games he'll possibly remember. I was so happy to have, just for a moment, just for one brief, shining moment, a chance to showcase what peace means to me.

Many people. One world.

Oh, may it be so in my lifetime!