my monthly desktop calendar

The monthly desktop-sized wallpaper calendar, sized for your standard monitor*, is available free to my weekly newsletter subscribers.

August's calendar is pretty stunning - a photo of some red tipped ice plant, taken at Drake's Beach, a photo which I won't have on my blog for at least a month. The newsletter peeps get something only-for-them!

I'm also playing around with the design. June and July were full monitor calendars (like so), but August is a smaller calendar, with a larger quote and more open space.

If you have a desktop with lots of icons* on the screen, you can rearrange them into the spaces. If you have a sticky note app, you can hang sticky notes to yourself.

Why a desktop calendar? Well, I don't personally buy a wall calendar anymore. There's a school calendar, that we hang up in our kitchen, but most of the time, when I want to figure out what day it is/ when something is, I check my computer, iPod or tablet. (I have google calendar synched between the three.)

But I like the spaciousness of having a big calendar right there on my desktop. And I like having one of my photos, and a monthly quote.

In short, I make one because I use one. And if you want it, you can subscribe to the newsletter and use it, too!

PS: August's calendar will probably go out later today or tomorrow morning, so you still have a little time. And if you subscribe later, and want the current month's calendar, just hit reply to the first email you get and let me know!


* If you have a widescreen monitor, let me know and I can easily resize for you, if you're not sure how.

* I'm actually a desktop minimalist, which means that other than my trash icon, I don't have any icons on the main screen.

(I've played around with not having the trash icon on screen, but it means I forget to empty the trash frequently, so for me, having it there is a Good Thing.).

I have a few programs tacked into the task-bar at the very bottom, but nothing in my main field of vision. I haven't updated to windows 8 yet. That's probably going to change the way I arrange my desktop.

For more information about clearing your desktop, go here.