poeming on a thursday

The Search

there will come a time,
sometime in the middle
of the search you are on,
when you will think
"why not give up now?
there is nothing to find.
i have been a fool."

and you may be right.
there may be nothing to find.

but while you are searching,
you were finding other things. 
the socks behind the couch
of your soul, the parts you
never thought to examine
and there they were.

so keep searching
for whatever grail
you're after. i don't know
if you'll find it or not,
but the search is the deepest
calling of your life,
the One Search that compels
you forward,
and so you must continue.

love the search.
love the grail.
love the life
that lets you seek.

love everything
and nothing will be hidden.
it's all there, waiting.

right here.