I think if I don't let vacation or traveling change me, I'm missing out on an opportunity.

Here's what I rediscovered about myself this trip: I am a night owl. Through and through.

Oh, I knew this already and I have been supported in letting myself be as much of a night owl as I can be, given the fact that my child wakes with the sun. My husband is amazing that way. He's the morning parent. It isn't entirely easy for him, either, but it is easier and he is aware of that fact.

But where I think it really becomes an issue is this self imposed ritual of waking up and immediately getting to my computer/ writing.

In some ways it serves me well: I wake up. I get coffee. I write.

Ritual is good. Daily writing is good.

However, what if I were to flip it? Write before bed? Give myself more of an early morning break, to let myself ease into the day?

Well, the possibility is that I wouldn't get to it. I'd get tired and bail. That's why writing first thing has been what I do. It gives me the momentum necessary to actually get it done.

But what if? What if I add in a morning practice of sitting? Or of yogaing? Or of taking a walk around the neighborhood? What if I didn't check facebook all the time, and left it to just a few times a day?

So, I am exploring ways of changing up my routine. Letting the experience I had on vacation flow through me and shake up some static ways of being.

I can't move back to the west coast, but I can experiment with having more flow in my life. I can experiment with having a quieter morning. I can experiment with playing around with my (self imposed) schedule.

Letting my travels become part of my life, organically.