a tale of two camera bodies...

Once upon a time, I bought my first dslr. It was a great starter dslr and it served me well for a few years. But eventually, I bought a new camera body, one that had video capabilities (and better iso - neither of which matter to image quality, but do add to my experience). A few generations difference, and a jump from entry level to midrange and BOOM, camera awesomeness.

When I bought the new camera, I toyed with selling the old camera body. After all, the new one was great and why keep a camera I'm not using?

But here's the thing: I'm not using it much, but now Remy is.

Yes, I really let my six year old use a dslr. A heavy, complicated, detachable lens camera. OK, I only let him use it with the kit lens right now (and I shortened the neck strap so he could wear it). Because of the neck strap, I actually feel he's less likely to drop the a200 than he is my iPod or the old point and shoot I also let him shoot with. Works for us!

And when I buy a new 50mm replacement (I'm wanting a 1.4 or a 2.8 zoom lens), he'll be able to use the old 50mm 1.7 lens and then, wow. Perfect set up for him to keep exploring photography.

I also quickly learned that beater camera = being able to take it to the beach/ splash ground/ places I don't really want to take my new camera (for fear of sand, dust etc...). I still take precautions, but I don't feel as hesitant about taking the older camera body out in "bad" conditions.

And another use I'm looking forward to this summer? Attaching a second lens and using two camera bodies to shoot portraits/ events.

Yes, I would say having two digital camera bodies is a good thing for me right now.

PS: our idea to go to the beach later in the day (to avoid traffic) totally worked! There were still tons of people (can't be avoided, I think, on a hot summer weekend day), but we had a great time at the shore and not sitting in traffic really was wonderful.