the same sky above us all

At the beginning of the road trip we took to Chicago at the end of June, I got an email.

A memorial was being made. A memorial for a friend who had died, too suddenly and unexpectedly.

His friend had an idea for a memorial, and would we help? She was piecing Together the Sky. Remembering.

The deadline was before my return home, so I sent this iPod photo, of the sky somewhere above Ohio, day two of our two day drive.

Blue sky, wispy clouds. Big trucks on the road ahead of us. The dashboard of our car. (And below, unseen, my bare feet.)

Connie released the video for her friend last night. 

It is so very beautiful. 326 people shared a piece of the sky. 326 people (including me) sent in an email with a photo and a memorial for a person they loved.

[I was holding our not-yet-born nephew in my heart. His mama had gone to the hospital that morning, to birth him. He took his first breath (of many!) in the wee hours of the next day.]

Watching the video (which also incorporates Connie painting in fast-forward), with the beautiful song "Let Me Be Sky"  by Jai Uttal, I am reminded again of how connected we all are.

The same sky above us all.

Clouds come and go. The sun. Stars. Sunrise, sunset. But always, always, our atmosphere above us. Deep blue, light blue, grey, white, indigo, black. How it looks is just aesthetics. Gorgeous aesthetics, to be sure, but aesthetics nonetheless. Even those who cannot see need the atmosphere. All of us, in this world together.

Pieces of sky, from your life to mine. Holding onto the memory of those who came before us. And holding space for those yet to come.

(My photo is at 5:25 in the video, just in case you are my mom and feel compelled to watch for it.)