there and back again

Blogging from the new tablet was a bust.

I was able to write (and did write), but the actual uploading of photos was frustrating enough that I decided to wait until I got home.

I was able to view the photos from my cf card on the tablet, which was fabulous. But putting them online from the tablet just kept getting me error message after error message. I know there's some step I was probably missing, but I couldn't figure it out quickly/ easily.

Getting frustrated on vacation didn't seem worth it, just to be able to live-blog.

And I really needed a vacation. A real, honest-to-blog, vacation.

So I allowed myself that vacation, technological-frustration free. (I was actually almost completely offline, actually. It was good.)

I shot tons of photos (close to 1400 with my dslr, only 272 on my iPod). I wrote. And I gave myself a lot of downtime, catching up with my friend.

I talked myself hoarse. Seriously, I actually lost my voice just from all the heart-to-heart conversation with my friends. Mostly with Sh, who I hadn't seen in 20 years. We spent the entire drive from Oregon to California talking (except for a few quiet moments my introvert friend needed to herself). No radio. No music. Just catching up.

Hours and hours listening to and telling the stories of our lives.

And still, we needed more time. Stayed up late every night talking. Talked all day. Could have spent years talking. How could we have spent so long apart? Thank goodness we were able to reconnect.

Thank goodness.

* OK, it was still technically a working vacation, because I shot a family session. However, shooting photos isn't frustrating (at all) the same way the limitation of technology can be. And I didn't edit the session on vacation, I'm doing that this week. 

* Can you spot the Juno quote? And obviously the LotR reference in the title.

* These photos are all from the trip Sh and I took to Drake's Beach. I haven't seen (most of) her photos yet, but I know many of them are meta-photos of me shooting photos... just as I took photos of her taking photos. Meta-photos are awesome!

PS: when you go to Drake's beach, you should eat here at the beach cafe. Get the garlic fries (if you like garlic). Seriously.