a little drop of change

It's the last week of summer camp and Remy has his first sick day from camp today. This is a minor miracle because a really bad GI virus went through camp the week before he started and we somehow managed not to get it.

But last night, Remy woke up in pain, multiple times, his ear hurting-hurting-hurting. This being the kid who only tells us he's in pain when the pain is at the highest possible number on the pain scale, we'll take him to our family doctor later this morning, but mostly today we're gonna have an easy-as-possible, resting day.

Lots of reading, lots of Legoing, lots of photos.

And no funky-awesome five fingered shoe shopping, which was my original plan.

Oh well. Plans change. Life rearranges itself. We adapt.

Yesterday, I managed to get the non-fiction books arranged in the bookshelf I moved from the guest bedroom to the living room. It makes the entire room look more cozy: books and family photos and art and baskets of yarn. I'll tackle the bookshelf in the sun-room (fiction) soon.

It's amazing what a little drop of change can do.