adventuring after-care

It was wonderfully delicious to unplug this weekend.

We didn't do much of all (the one "activity" we had was a train ride - just there and back on an old-time train with gorgeous scenery). We porch-sat. It was relaxing.

Then Monday we came back and went to Brooklyn for an all-day, see the old haunts (my FIL grew up in Brooklyn), visit the Aquarium, out and about adventure.

And now I'm wiped.

I took today "off" as downtime (while my husband and our guests go off to Manhattan to the 9/11 memorial).  Remy choose to stay with me, he needed a day off, too.

Since I finished the book I was reading this weekend, it's time to pick another one and go ensconce myself on the couch while my kid plays. Resting up until it's time to go pick up today's adventurers at the train (and then go out to dinner).