almost back to the school year...

Sometime in the next two days, I'll be sending out my monthly calendar to those of you who are signed up for my newsletter.

I haven't quite picked which photo I'll use yet, but there are a lot of gorgeous candidates this month!

Another thing in the works is a new portfolio site for my photography business. I spent some time evaluating options and settled on one, but now I need to play around with it and upload all sorts of photos. I expect this will happen after my boy gets back to school (one week now! woohoo! we're all very excited!). It might happen earlier if I get into a creative flow.

There are about a million videos in my "to be edited" queue. (Props, once again, to Vivienne McMaster's awesome video editing class, Montage. This is not an affiliate link, I just loved the class so much I need to shout my love out, very loud, at the top of my lungs!) 

I'm pondering some blog design changes just because - I still love this dynamic view, but I also love mixing things up every once in awhile. I'm also pondering some possible teaching avenues because, let's face it, I am a natural teacher and I miss it. I'm pondering e-courses vs in real life teaching. Don't know yet where that'll take me. We'll see.

Summer has been great. We did a lot of traveling. I did some great photo shoots (which will be showcased in my new portfolio site). We went to the beach. We had visitors. We watched a lot of movies and read a lot of books (and some of us put together a lot of Lego). We spent a lot of time together, as a family. I got to have a week to myself, which was an amazing gift.

We cleaned up our basement, finally!

We also got sick in August -- which wasn't part of the plan, but life happens.

Next week is our thirteenth wedding anniversary and I'm not yet sure exactly what we're planning for the weekend because my love is busy busy busy working on his tenure folder. It will unfold as it unfolds.

It will all unfold as it unfolds.

As it is unfolding now.