delicious adventure

It rained in the afternoon yesterday, a thunderous downpour that reminded me of living in Mobile. We threw the door open (and then closed it after the wind started spraying the room) and sat listening and watching the rain.

And then, it turned to hail. Just little small stones of ice, but ice nonetheless. Astonishing. I'm not used to hail in August.

After an hour or so, it stopped. And the sun came peeking back out and the quality of that post-storm light had me running into the back yard with my camera again.

The light.

I am a light chaser. Or rather, I notice the light, all the time now. When it changes, I feel it.

Just like a sunflower.


I am unplugging this weekend, for a long four day holiday with family. I won't be posting tomorrow or Monday. Theres no wifi in the house we're staying at Saturday-Monday. Oh, yes. I'm looking forward to it!

(I remember back when the idea of not having the internet was horrible. Now it is a welcome unplugging. So many changes in just a few years. The rise of social media and smart phones has made staying in constant contact required, instead of a cherished gift. I wonder when it will balance out and how.)

Last year, when we went up to the Catskills, I came home with a twin lens reflex camera. Who knows what lies in store for me this year?

Deliciousness and adventure, is my best guess.

Because really, isn't everyday a delicious adventure?