floating into september

I woke up this morning (from an awful dream), with the lines of this Modest Mouse song stuck in my head:

"alright, already we'll all float on..."

Maybe it's because I'm anticipating getting to the shore (at some point) this weekend. Maybe because we had been to the aquarium and seen these gorgeous jellies or because my son has been reading a Finding Nemo graphic novel the past few days.

Maybe I am anticipating needing to remind myself everything will be alright as I float into September.

Whatever the cause, I thought the lyric (which is one of my favorite mantra songs) and the sweeping lines of this photo:design worked together.

Let's all float on, shall we?

* A reminder: floating isn't passive. Floating entails doing the work to stay buoyant, to not be pulled under (or up) by the wave, but to actively float. Watch a jellyfish: they are working with their entire body to stay in the float. Get into the waves and feel your body work with and against the wave, to keep floating.

Floating is that wonderful balance between passive and active where you reach a state of ease in the active. Just enough to look and feel almost passive, but not.