The problem with chasing the golden light is that there are many more hours in the day other than the few right after sunrise and right before sunset.

Hours and hours when your kid might want to play outside, in the harsh, noon light.

And if you're a light chaser, you might think "why bother taking out the camera? This light is going to throw so many hard shadows..." and you'd be right.


The shadows and the light have a beauty of their own.

You can shape them, by framing and by understanding where the light is.

The child you are watching is your own and loved and the recording of the day is never a waste. Even "artistically."

Shadows and light play beautifully together in photos, too.

And there are other wonders to see and capture in the midday sun.

The blue of the sky is a most beautiful color.

The sunflowers you grew from seeds (!!!!!!!!) are tracking the sun across the sky.

So take that camera out. Remind yourself of the everyday beauty of wabi sabi things.

Remember that you are a child of this world and it's fun to play around in your new happy-feet-making five fingered shoes.

Remember that conditions aren't always "perfect" (and there is never any perfect), so you have to make the most of what is right in front of you.

Remember why you're here.

And then go back inside, before the mosquitoes eat your kid alive. (Where are they coming from????)

And tomorrow, remember to go to the park instead.