photo walking in black in white

Monochrome isn't my strongest suit.

I've written about this before, and also about how I (sporadically) practice black and white in order to build my eye for it.

I didn't shoot these monochrome, but I as started looking at them I thought, "what if?" and started converting some images.

And here they are. Mysterious and dark and a little stark. Just like the black and white photos I love.

My favorite is the first one, but the leaves are interesting. The black and white conversion brings out the holes in the leaves. Insect fodder.

And of course, today I woke up feeling so much less anxious. Maybe in part because of the extra vitamin D3 I took yesterday (I started using my blue light this morning, just for a short session). Maybe because I managed to sleep through the night (the night before I'd heard a sad cry in my dreams which woke me up, but it wasn't my child and was probably just a dream).

And maybe, just maybe, giving myself the gift of photo walking for a few moments before camp pick-up helped. Sure, I still spent that afternoon slightly anxious (but not as anxious as the day before).

But I began to realize: we make the decisions in our lives. We do the things we need to do in order to help Remy succeed, to the height of his abilities. When I unjustly compare him to typical kids, I am doing us all a disservice. We are where we are.

And how far we have come!

So very far.