the semi-wilderness of my back deck

Two types of tomatoes. Basil from seed. Marigolds from seed. And also from seed and just starting their ascent into the heavens, sunflowers.

I have been thinking about and loving my small container garden since my return from California.

My mothers-in-law have a gorgeous garden, with many types of summer squash and eggplant and even artichokes. Artichokes! we had a huge bush of them when I was a teenager, from chokes we'd thrown in our compost. Oh, I loved that bush. Artichokes look exceptionally beautiful after they thistle.

That's my approach to gardening. Throw some seeds (or in the case of the tomatoes, seedlings) into a well prepared soil and let them go for it. Wild-like. I did have to water occasionally this summer, but we always make a sprinkler party out of it, so it's more fun than work.

I'm dreaming of a raised garden bed like my mothers-in-law have, though. A dedicated space to garden in. More room than containers. More space for all out garden mutiny.

But I'm not sure yet where I'd be able to put in a garden bed. There's a (huge oak) tree hanging over our backyard, so most of the day the yard is in shade. The front yard is a possibility, but I'd need to be more on top of it than I am accustomed to being. Less wild, more cultivated. Not my style at all.

And so, containers are awesome, for now.

I may even add a few more, for autumn.