back to school: first grade!

I'm not a mommy blogger. But I do have a kid, and I do mention him from time to time and today is his first day of first grade, which seems really huge to me.

We laid out his backpack and his lunch and got his school supplies together last night.

This morning the bus was running late and it was raining on and off. I took some photos (of course) and then put the camera away.

I had the big blue IKEA bag of supplies on my shoulder and then when the bus got there, I forgot to hand it off.

The bus driver marveled at how much Remy has grown over the summer (he has. at least an inch). I waved goodbye and then as they pulled away I realized I still had the bag.

Another essential lesson. I am still forgetful. I have always been and always will be forgetful. My head is in the clouds.

And most of the time, it's still ok.

The bag will go to school tomorrow (if it was seriously essential, I would have called a cab and taken it in; it isn't). I sent an email explaining the situation to the teacher and I'm sure she'll understand.

And if she doesn't, that's ok, too.

It's ok if she thinks (accurately enough, as it turns out) that I am forgetful. I have routines, mnemonics and memory aids to help me be less forgetful (remembering not to put things on top of the car is my current challenge), but I am still a quote unquote space cadet. I don't think it really even bothers me anymore, except when I lose really important things.

With my spaciness comes a tendency to day dream and I think my day dreams fuel my creativity. So I'm ok with spacing out sometimes.

I know I don't space out on the most important things, after all. I am solid to the people that matter most to me. And that is what matters most, to me.