before/after: desk cleaning

Here's the thing: it is easy to remember that life flows so much more smoothly when things are clean and organized. It is another thing (for me) to keep them that way.

It was time to clean my desk off.

(How long have I been saying that?)

It really was time. I'd had a "belly dance explosion" of jewelry all over the desktop. Like so:

It's like a belly dancer and a photographer collided into each other and scattered debris everywhere!
Yeah, it was definitely time.

I put on some music and just started cleaning.

I had a really great idea: I had this caddy that I wasn't using anymore (since I redid under the kitchen sink). I'd tried giving it to Remy to help corral Lego, but that didn't work. What about using it for all my photography equipment?

Yes! It worked. The caddy fit perfectly next to my printer, which is next to my desk. And the cameras and lenses fit perfectly inside.

I kept the Brownie Hawkeye on my desk, surrounded by flowers and feathers. It's more of a decorative piece than anything else, although I still love TTV photography. Maybe now that it is out in the open (and not surrounded by all my other cameras) I will start using it again. Who can say?

Today, I am planning on tackling the rest of the kitchen (I rearranged some cabinets yesterday). The paper pile is out of control again and needs a better system. Which will inevitably lead me to finally tackle the filing cabinets. We lost our last one in the move and have been using the drawers propped up on a shelf. I'd like that shelf back.

Little changes that make a big difference.

Reminding myself.