My (academic) background is in Creative Writing, with a foray (brief as it was) in Comparative Literature.

Poetry, creative non-fiction, fiction, playwriting: these are the areas I studied in Creative Writing. My concentration was in poetry.

Comparative Literature, which was one of my breadth concentrations, as an undergrad (the other two were Philosophy and Religious Studies), became - for two grueling and breathtaking semesters - my graduate studies field.

(I also have an extensive background in vocal music and drama, but since I didn't continue them in my upper undergraduate work, I can't really claim them as my fields, per say. However, the amount of time I spent in those departments was significant and can't be overlooked.)

All of this is to tell you about me. Who am I, as the sole person who blogs here.

The vast majority my blog is creative work. Photography (which is newer in my life) and poetry or creative non-fiction. I've mostly given up fiction, although almost every year I do attempt NaNoWriMo. And fail, with the exception of one crazy year, when I had bronchitis and an eighteen month old who had just started giving up naps. Go figure. The most stressful year I ever attempted NaNo was the one year I "won."

A small part of my blog is textural analysis. Sometimes this is meta-analysis (analyzing why I am blogging/ how I am blogging) and some of it is movies or books that I am currently thinking about.

Why am I thinking about this today? Because we got back from the second day service of Rosh Hashanah and part of the service was textural analysis. And I realized, my background in that field is fairly unique and gives me a unique perspective. And is something I enjoy, very much.

I didn't quit graduate school because I didn't like the work. I love the work, I love digging into texts /movies and analyzing the crap out of them.

I quit because graduate school was not where I needed to be. Was too much politics. Too much debasing myself for a professor who was frankly misogynistic. Too many new languages to learn.

And I made a life outside (but as an academic wife, which means I still have academic contact).

And so I blog. And I have the freedom of my blog to be creative or analytical or to combine the two sides.

(and the freedom to completely disregard capitalization when ever i choose. poetic license.)