shifting shifting shifting

I could feel the weather shift, this weekend. Perhaps it was also that I was car-camping in the mountains, in Pennsylvania (at a dance retreat), but I could see my breath at night. It's getting cold.

(Yup, checking the weather forecast, it's getting colder. Guess it's time to take the air conditioners out of the windows.)

I'm still exhausted from an amazing weekend of dancing. Dancing with live music is one of my favorite things. Being part of the music making, it thrills me. But that much dancing is hard on my body. I'm sore and just generally exhausted. I'll recover (and obviously it was worth it!) but it'll take some TLC and a little time.

BTW, the Ninja Toe shoes were great for dancing! I didn't use them during classes except for when we did some spinning, but I also bowed out of that early because spotting on things other than my hands was making me nauseated. I did use them during the open dancing at the hafla and they worked out (i.e. weren't noticeable) quite well! I imagine the five fingered would have been even better, but it was too cold.

Now I am going to go wrap myself up in a blanket and get started on the rereading the penultimate Sookie Stackhouse book. Reading the entire series again has given me some new insights. I do so love it.